News 06 December 2011

Annual General Meeting

At the annual general meeting held today of the shareholders of Spitfire Oil Limited, the following resolutions were duly passed:

  1. Receipt and adoption the Accounts for the year ended 30th June 2011 together with the Directors’ and Auditors’ Reports thereon.
  2. Determination of the maximum number of Directors at six for the forthcoming year and determine that any unfilled vacancies be deemed casual vacancies for the purposes of the Company’s bye-laws.
  3. Re-election of Mladen Ninkov as a director of the Company.
  4. Re-election of Rupert Crowe as a director of the Company.
  5. Re-election of Roger Goodwin as a director of the Company.
  6. Re-election of Malcolm Randall as a director of the Company.

The re-appointment of William Buck Audit (WA) Pty Ltd as Auditors was not approved.